Creating your own blog

The first step will be to create your own blog. In order to do this, please log on to www.blogger.com and simply follow the instructions. Please use the e-mail address and the password that you have already used to log on to my blog.
If you have any problems doing this, just add a comment here. You will get help either from me or from one of your coursemates who read your comment. :)


Aline said...

hello Mr.Bühler!!!!
It works;-)
Thanks for your piece of advice!!!

Desiree said...

Hello Mr. Bühler should we write the summary in our blog too?

teacher :) said...

Hi Desirée,
yes, your summaries should be an important part of your own blog. They should, however, also contain your own feelings and impressions while reading. For details please have another look at my post "Starting your reading log".

Rebecca said...

Hello Mr Bühler,
I´ve a little problem! I was in Turkeye till saturday and have finished the book in this week! I didn´t know that I´ve to write down my feelings and impressions and now I know my thoughts about the book while reading no longer! what should I do now???

teacher :) said...

Hi Rebecca,

no problem - just browse through the chapters again and try to remember some things that struck you while reading. Otherwise simply write a short summary for each chapter, which will definitely help you when we talk about the book. Perhaps you also want to add some extra stuff (as I mentioned in this post). Good luck ;)

juliankaas said...

hello mr. bühler!
now i know how to handle the blogger-webside. thanks for your second invitation!
is it right that i write my summaries thoughts etc. in MY blog as a post that the others can read it and i can/should write my comment to a summary from a classmate in another blog like in this?

teacher :) said...

Hi Julian,
yes, that's perfectly right :). I would suggest that you write different posts for the different chapters so that the other blog members can follow more easily.

juliankaas said...

Hi Mr. Bühler!
I saw that I´m not yet in the list "Links to students' blogs" which is in your blog. I wonder why my name is not in this list because I send you my invitation and I receeved your intitation... So what is the matter?

Anonymous said...

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