Starting your reading log

What I’d like you to do now is to start writing a so-called reading log into your blog. In that reading log you are supposed to collect your thoughts, questions and ideas about the book. Apart from writing texts you can also add photos, other material from magazines or websites or also drawings that you think have to do with the chapters that you have read.

First of all please number the chapters in the book. This will make it easier to refer to the chapters. You should end up having 45 chapters altogether.
When you read the book, please stop after each chapter or after 2-4 short chapters of which you feel that they somehow belong together and make an entry about it/them into your blog. You do this by starting a new post.

What to write down into the post:

  • a short summary of what happens (please use the present tense)
    your personal reactions to the characters or events you’ve read about: aspects you like or don’t like
  • situations or ideas that surprised or touched you
  • questions that come to your mind while reading
  • reflections on your own reading process: what did you find easy/difficult, where did you stop reading and why?
  • add photos or texts and explain why you put them into your reading log (you can put in photos from the internet as well, or write down hyperlinks where the readers can find additional information)

The most important thing is that you try to be creative! There is no right or wrong – it is your thoughts that count! But of course use only English!!

Also log on to your coursemates‘ weblogs and feel free to comment on their posts. Do not 'steal' ideas from the other blogs though!

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