Lorri Hewett will be joining us!!!

Hi everybody,

I've got some really exciting news. I managed to get in touch with Lorri Hewett, the author of the novel! This is what she wrote me:

Dear Mr. Bueler,

I'm so happy to learn that you are using my
novel Coming of Age in your classes! (...)

I would love to participate in your blog activity, or anything else related to the book. Just tell me what you would like me to do. I'm happy to respond to any questions they may have, as I was about their age when i originally wrote the novel.

forward to hearing from you--Lorri Hewett

So please take your chances and write one or two meaningful questions that you have about the novel or about the author and that you would like Lorri Hewett to answer, and put them as a post into your personal blog. This is indeed a unique opportunity, as not every author is so kind and helpful as she is! We are really lucky!! :)


lorri said...

Hello Peter Buehler,

I've just spent some time reading through your students' blogs about Coming of Age! It was so wonderful to see the way that your students engaged with the book. I made a comment on each students' blog, but I was unable to comment of Julian's. For some reason, I wasn't allowed to access it. I wouldn't mind commenting if you'd like me to.

I hope that reading this book was a good experience for your students. This was my first published novel, and I wrote it when I was 17/18, so it has a very special place in my heart! Thank you for inviting me to participate in this experience. I'd love to know more about your German publisher--cross cultural exchanges are always a good thing!

Let me know if I can participate further! I can see about trying to do a video posting if you're interested. All best, Lorri Hewett

shaggyhill said...

We are a class of bloggers from the USA that are looking for some "bogging buddies" to exchange comments. Our blogs are located at www.pbogush.edublogs.org with links on the right side.
Feel free to join in on the conversations!
Paul Bogush
Connecticut USA